Come and See the Beauty of Carmel!

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The Garden of Carmel, Confraternity of our Lady of Mount Carmel, is a community whose members, responding to the special call of God, freely and deliberately promise to live the evangelical life through Carmelite spirituality. We are called to imitate Mary’s role as a people of faith attentive to the Word of God and the service of the kingdom.


Garden of Carmel Outdoor Meeting

Praised be Jesus Christ, our King! Good evening. Today the Church celebrates the Solemn Feast of Christ the King.

“He will sit upon His glorious throne- all the nations will be assembled before Him.” Matthew 25.

Let us do the best we can to give glory to the King of kings. “The most sacrifices pleasing to God are mercy, humility, praise, peace, charity. Free from fear, we await the coming of Christ our King. iva Cristo Rey!”

As Carmelites, our desire is to seek the living of God and to help others along their pathway in their own spiritual journey.  It is always so delightful to see how God works in our life. Even in this time of trials, difficulties and with all these challenges and struggles we continue our beautiful ministry.

We are so very grateful to our very devoted members Elena and Mary in the midst of the pandemic they were very faithful in their phase 2 formation class. I see this that even though the disturbance challenges COVID has caused, our great devotion to our Lady of Mount Carmel continues. This is an amazing dear Garden of Carmel! St. Teresa of Avila said “Not to Give Up”. Our Good God has presented this time of grace to really contemplate that God is in control and we assuredly place our trust in Him. Blessed be God!!!

It is truly a great joy to assist me to congratulate our dear sisters Elena and Mary in their Brown Servant Clothing during a pandemic after completion of the second stage formation class as a symbol of their full membership in the Garden of Carmel. God bless and reward you in saying your “BIG Yes” to our community Garden of Carmel!

An additional blessing from our loving God the Installation of our new Treasurer Adoracion (Doreen). Thank you Doreen for accepting the duties as Treasurer of our community.

God bless our New Treasurer!

“My eyes and my heart will remain here forever” 2 Chronicles 7:16

We express our sincere thank you to Dcn. Alan for always being there for always supporting us to continue the work we began and for your dedication to our Lady of Mount Carmel. We are so very delighted of your beautiful reflection “Our Devotion to Mary” Your presence is a blessing to ! Please continue to pray for our community Garden of Carmel.

It is my pleasure to share with you our pictures taken yesterday at our GC Outdoor Meeting. As promised I am also attaching the reflection given by Dcn. Alan In gratitude to you my faithful sisters and brothers in Carmel. I, Estrella, thank God for your love, prayers and support my prayers for you is all the way in heaven!

United in prayers in the spirit of Carmel+,

Estrella of Jesus

Garden of Carmel Outdoor Meeting

Dear Garden of Carmel,

Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever! How great it was to see you all this morning. I am always happy to see that we are all united in prayers; most especially for being so faithful to your commitment in the Confraternity of our Lady of Mount Carmel. Let us give thanks and praise to God for His great love.

It is with great joy and blessing that we were able to meet again even though in the backyard. I truly believed that this is God’s will to continue our Carmelite enrichment to meet together once a month in spite of this pandemic, and you set aside this day with our Lord and with our Lady.

May God our Lord reward you for our gathering today and for sharing your good thoughts and wisdom in our morning reflection. I was so impressed by all your insight and your deeper love in the Eucharist what a blessing you all are!!!

Your presence inspired me to continue the work we began even in this time of difficulties and uncertainty to continue to share with you the true love of our loving God in our daily spiritual journey. Blessed be God!!!

I am happy to share with you our pictures this morning. Thank you Erika for taking some pictures.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless us and make us very faithful Carmelites.

Peace, joy and love in Carmel+,

Estrella of Jesus

Garden of Carmel Outdoor Meeting

Praised be Jesus Christ, dear Garden of Carmel! sharing with you a beautiful thank you note from Mary.

As always, I am very happy to share with you our pictures taken this morning. May our Lord bless you always and my prayers to you is all the way to heaven!

In Carmel,

Estrella of Jesus

Good evening Estrella,

I want to say that our gathering today was very beautiful, I was blown away by the insights of my sisters, just so deep and thought provoking; what a blessing you all are.

It was warm and welcoming in the Garden hope we can continue, thank you all.

God bless,


Garden of Carmel Outdoor Meeting

Dear Garden of Carmel,

Praised be Jesus Christ, and His Virgin Mother, come to love and serve the Lord, Now and Forever!

Good afternoon dear community and may the peace and the love of God be yours and always. Greetings to everyone. I hope and pray that you are all doing fine, safe and healthy.

All enjoyed our day with our Lord and with our Lady of Mount Carmel! This morning like what Saint Elizabeth says “How beautiful nature would transport our soul the beauty of Mother Nature gives us the motivation to open the door as an invitation to continue the ministry we began. Blessed be God!!!

Doreen texted me and this is what she said:

That was a wonderful meeting. Your garden of Carmel is very conducive to learning. The Holy Spirit is with all of us. We are united and everyone shared with their hearts and I could feel the Holy Spirit guiding all of us. We are all inspired to learn. The burning desire to know Our God and Our Lady of Mount Carmel is guiding us and protecting each of us in her mantle of love. Praised be Jesus now and forever LU, Doreen.

Text from Mary Dews

Dear Estrella, Yes thank you. I certainly did enjoy my time with Our Lord and with Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I appreciate everyone there giving their input and for your generosity in leading us and providing your beautiful backyard. God bless you always, Mary

I look forward to our next outdoor meeting both GC#1 and GC#2 to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings listening to the birds singing and the gentle wind from above.

All nature seems so full of God to me; the wind blowing in the tall trees, the little birds singing, the beautiful blue sky. Everything speaks to me of Him. St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.

I, Estrella sincerely keep you in my prayers all the way to heaven and please pray for me




Solemn Commemoration of our Lady of Mount Carmel

Praised be Jesus Christ, and His Virgin Mother come to love and serve the Lord, Now and Forever!

I greet you with all my heart with a very peaceful Feast Day of our Lady of Mount Carmel.  What a joy to have you all united to the love of God and with great devotion to our Lady of Mount Carmel. I can almost see you smiling looking at our pictures even in the midst of difficulties covering our face. I felt the desire of your heart that in spite of the COVID-19 you showed your faithfulness, that we are all united to honor our Lady in celebrating Her Feast Day the beautiful Mother of God, the Mother of Carmel. It has been a joy to see everybody coordinate to make the feast day of our Lady a very fruitful one. Fr. Eric’s homily was so inspiring. The Holy Mass was very solemn, as soon as Carla started singing the entrance song we felt the Holy Spirit was moving each and every one of us. Blessed be God!

We are so blessed to have Fr. Eric and Deacon Alan for guiding us in our spiritual journey. They are both very helpful to make the celebration very beautiful and inspiring. My sincere thank you for everything you do! I am so happy to see you this morning and I truly believed that our Lady was very happy to see you too on Her Feast Day.

I invite you to join me to reflect this beautiful quote of Venerable Mother Luisita she said

“Try not to worry. Everything in life has its ups and downs, yet above everything else, we must live a life of faith, seeing all things as coming from the hand of God and for our own good.”

I continue to keep you in my prayers.  Please keep me in prayers as well!  Let’s stay united in the love of the Sacred Heart- all the way to Heaven!

In His great love and mercy+,

Estrella of Jesus


January, February, March Newsletter

January February March 2020 Newsletter

“Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything.” – Saint Teresa of Avila

Praised be Jesus Christ, dear holy community! Good evening, we all know that we feel empty and fearful during this time of crisis especially the cancellation of Holy Mass. This morning I received a note from our pastor the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament was suspended too. This hurts me a lot. Yet, as Christians and as Carmelites we have to remain faithful always. God will never abandon us prayer and contemplation are our primary duties. We know that “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

I thank God for His wonderful gift even as we face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The Holy Spirit gave me the inspiration to work on our Newsletter. In this issue I included our 10th year anniversary.

I hope you will like it, since we can’t meet we’ll remain united as you reflect on it. Thank you always and God bless you very much!

United in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary+,

Estrella of Jesus

Advent Silent Day Retreat

Praised be Jesus Christ and His Virgin Mother, come to love and serve the Lord, Now and Forever!

I wish you all a happy and blessed First week in ordinary time. Anyway,  I talked to Fr. Damien this morning he wants to express his sincere thanks to everyone for making his day a very fruitful one.

Here’s some of our pictures taken at our retreat.

October, November, December Newsletter

October November and December 2019 GC Newsletter

Dear Garden of Carmel,

Praised be Jesus Christ! Good afternoon. As we wait for the coming of our Lord we think about Mary and Joseph carrying the Incarnate Word to Bethlehem. Yesterday’s readings invite us to open ourselves to new promises and a new way of seeing God. Mary believed that was spoken to her would be fulfilled, and it was. To think about it is an invitation to us to be like Joseph, to welcome the great mystery of the coming Messiah, God’s greatest gift to us His only Begotten Son.

As we reflect on this eve of Christmas… we all feel it in the air… this secret, interior welling up of something more than just a “warm, fuzzy feeling.” It’s real because we know it’s coming…

Our Lord and Savior. THE TRUE JOY!

Anyway, I would like to express my sincere thank you for all your help and support at our Advent Silent Day Retreat. Fr. Damien’s presence is a tremendous gift to us. I am receiving a beautiful feedback about his teaching that they have learned much and they shared the talk with their family. Blessed be God!

I, Estrella continue to keep you and your family in my prayers in a very special way to make this Christmas a very memorable one! And please keep me in your prayers as well 🙂

As always, It is my pleasure to present to you our October, November and December 2019 Newsletter. Thank you and God Bless!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas filled with heavenly blessings!